Stocking Policy

The stocking policy is aimed to provide a steady density of fish throughout the season.

Rainbow, Brown, Blue and Tiger Trout are stocked from 1.5 lbs up to 5 and 6lbs. They are carefully sourced to provide strong fighting fish. The Lower lake carries a high proportion of Brown Trout, Rainbows and the recently introduced Blue and Tiger Trout. The Top Lake carries a higher proportion of Rainbow Trout with Tiger, Blue and some Brown Trout.

The warmer weather leading to high water temperatures now commonly experienced in late July and August necessitates the stock levels to be considerably reduced mid-season; It may be necessary to restrict fishing during a prolonged spell of warm weather usually experienced in late July or August. Members and all on the e-mail data base will be kept well informed as to conditions.However season dates are now extended to provide early spring and late Autumn fishing.

Salford Trout Lakes, Rectory Farm, Salford, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5YY, Tel: (01608) 643209,